Face Value Comics Becomes Autism at Face Value To Touch More Lives

Face Value Comics Cover - Autism at Face ValueThe release of our first comic has prompted us to change our name. Face Value Comics has officially been renamed Autism at Face Value.

The new name better reflects our goals of raising autism awareness, advocacy, and action. Our focus is and always has been helping people with autism and neurotypical people come to understand each other. We want to facilitate understanding and being able to take each other “at face value” and our comics are the chosen vehicle for that understanding. But our mission is not just about comics or telling a story.

Autism at Face Value reflects our wider goals and our hope that our comics will be part of a nation-wide change in how people with autism are viewed. As part of that wider change, we’ve developed a local literacy program which we will introduce to local libraries starting in January.

Autism at Face Value will be a leader in creating ideas and spreading autism awareness through a host of methods, including comics that are family friendly and make a positive impact on social change. We’re confident that this is just the first step to positive change and acceptance for those with ASD and those without.

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