Dear Chris Latta,

Thank you for making cartoons fun during the 80s. I woke-up early on Saturday Mornings to have breakfast with Cobra Commander, Starscream, and Cravex. Imagine my surprise to learn how each of these iconic characters shared the same voice actor: Chris Latta (you). Spider-man and His Amazing Friends fought the Sandman you. The Simpsons continues long after your passing, but I remember your voice as an early C. Montgomery Burns. Excellent, Mr. Latta…excellent.

What happened to children’s entertainment? When you left us in 1994, another void occurred. Live-action child actors replaced traditional animated cartoons. Comic books characters flopped, whose artists followed a rapid cookie-cutter template. Toys became expensive collectors’ treasures, not rugged playthings. I shed a tear for your passing, as well as uninspired imaginations we inherited.

Let me share some good news and hope, Mr. Latta. Face Value Comics debuts this month. We’re the first comic book to feature a hero with autism. This social communication disorder wasn’t prevalent during your lifetime, but now autism affects more than 1% of children worldwide. We only know its symptoms.  Professionals help children and their families understand the social world around them. This is why I founded Face Value Comics. I love discussing the science behind our comic book, but let’s have fun on a Saturday Morning…like we used to do.

The Zephyr vs. ???
The Zephyr vs. ???

In Face Value Comics, we have a Victorian-era society driven by steam-power. Therefore, gadgets and equipment use imagination as well as compressed steam, or solar power.

In Face Value Comics, we have the Chillaxin. This bioluminescent fungi-race returned to Earth after centuries of forced expansion following the dinosaurs’ extinction.

In Face Value Comics, we have the Jartavi. Resurfacing from our deep oceans, these evolved sea-horses seem playfully curious and almost magical.

In Face Value Comics, we have The Shimmer. These women-warriors watch humanity’s social progress and sit as cosmic judges of our destiny.

In Face Value Comics, we have a comic-within-a-comic! The Zephyr is a do-good costumed crime-fighter. He wears “steampunk” gear and sometime sports a very special electric sword…”mMuhTZAP!” The Zephyr gives our middle-school hero – Michael – fantasy and hope of a better future.

Dr Moebius asks, "how do you feel?"
Dr Moebius asks, “how do you feel?”

Isn’t creative play the goal behind all comic books and kids’ entertainment, Mr. Latta? I figured you may know best. Personally, I can hear your voice as our fiendish mad scientist – Dr. Darling Moebius!

Be well, Mr. Latta…wherever you are.


Dave Kot, Founder of Face Value Comics, Inc.


© Face Value Comics 2013

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