Sadder Day Mornings

On Saturday mornings, remember when…

…Superhero theme songs made our heads pop up and pay attention to radio or tv?

…Commercials were as fun as the show, and we wished Santa Claus took notes beside us?

…Playing during the show, we made our action figures watch themselves on screen?

What happened to good Saturday Morning Cartoons? The amount of cartoon available on Saturday Morning dwindled. Yes, cable or satellite dish networks offers zillions of programs. Yes, Blu-ray , CD, and DVD sales let me relive old classics. However, I miss a ritual of Saturday Morning routines. Where’re “To be continued…” cliffhangers? Where’re fun toys that advance or match the storyline? Where’re great guests or voice actors, or consistent writers? Where is non-computer generated animation?

Face Value Comics will change some of these things. Forward thinking, we promote positive awareness about autism in ANY medium. Comic books are our best launching point, allowing our use of a specialized science and developing characters. Readers will feel immersed in a good story. Kids (with autism) may learn and retain more things by invoking different senses.  People learn in different ways. Therefore, we announce that The Shimmer are coming (with special thanks to Frank Kozak)…

© Face Value Comics 2013

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