Use Self Care to Combat Holiday Stress

Combat Holiday Stress with self careTeens with ASD are especially vulnerable to holiday stress. All the disruptions to the normal routine and the changes in celebrations from one year to the next can be enough to push a person with autism toward feelings of overwhelm and sensory overload. While some level of holiday stress may be unavoidable, there are several strategies of self care that can help keep the holidays manageable and fun.

One key to combatting holiday stress for autistic teens it to identify triggers. What makes you feel overwhelmed, anxious or depressed? Once you’ve identified your triggers, you can take steps to minimize negative feelings. This may mean that you say no to certain parties or outings. Or you decide to avoid some people.

Another important factor in decreasing holiday stress is to practice positive self care. In addition to avoiding situations that are stressful, make sure you schedule time for things that you enjoy and that help your relax. Get plenty of rest. Make time to bake a special treat. Visit a close friend. Practice meditation techniques that calm you and get you in touch with your inner emotional state. Make a plan of activities you want to do. Allow enough time between events to rest and recover. Be sure to enlist the help of family and friends so they can help you decrease holiday stress and make time for self care.

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