Setting Goals for 2014

Setting Goals with MsAltekViolinIt’s hard to believe that 2013 is nearly over. With the new year just days away, it’s a good time to start thinking about setting goals for 2014. Change can be hard for those of us living with ASD. Setting goals can give us something to look forward to and work on. Teens with autism are making the transition to adulthood, when setting goals and making a plan to accomplish them becomes more important.

A first step to setting goals for the new year is looking back at what you accomplished this year. Were you able to master a new skill? Did you take up a hobby? Maybe you made strides in reading others’ emotions with the help of Face Value Comics.

Once you’ve determined what you’ve already accomplished, you can think of what you’d like to tackle next. Break your goals down into steps. If you’d like to take up a sport, think of all the different skills that go into it. Making a list of all the component parts of your goal can make it easier to accomplish it. If you’re hoping to get more comfortable in social situations, think of what makes you feel awkward and what you can do to feel more comfortable. It may help to talk to your parents for help. Face Value Comics are another great resource to help you master social skills. Setting goals will help you have a sense of accomplishment. Here’s to a fun and productive 2014!

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