Learning to Embrace Differences and Build Empathy

Embrace Differences to Build EmpathyOne of the most important goals of Face Value Comics is to help both neurotypical people and people with an ASD diagnosis embrace differences in people. It can be really difficult to understand the different ways people have of understanding the world. To embrace differences is harder still. However, if we as a society are going to make any progress in decreasing prejudice and building empathy, we’re going to have to start to understand and embrace differences.

One way to help people to embrace differences is to tell stories. Telling stories is one of the ways people learn best. When our interest is engaged in an exciting tale, we’re more likely to be open to other messages in the story. We hope that Face Value Comics will be a leader in helping people to embrace differences. We have a wide variety of characters, each with different challenges and strengths. Our autistic hero Michael has friends who deal with physical disabilities, depression, anxiety, and other struggles. By showing these characters in interesting and relatable situations, we hope readers will come to like the characters and even see them as friends. Once we have embraced a person (even a fictional one!) we’re ready to embrace the differences that person experiences and embodies. We see the person as quite similar to ourselves. This is the process of building empathy and understanding.

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