Tout est pardonné

This is part of the message we wrote to the French Embassy. Our words reinforce solidarity and sympathy against misunderstanding and prejudice. In our comics, we created a fictional intergalactic invaders who want to rob us of our individuality and freedoms. We believe our message is fitting, given its message and timeliness.

Dear Friends in France,

     We applaud your patriotic spirit! In light of recent terrorists’ threats, you determine to uphold civil liberties like free speech. We stand with you as free people, not just as Americans.
     In our futuristic comic book, we are the world’s first comic to feature a hero with autism. We’ve enjoyed some success internationally, and love our French fans! We understand some of the challenges that international print and distribution on non-mainstream ideas can have.
     As we prepare to continue our comic series, we’re adding a special acknowledgement of your struggles. In our minds, anyone who is asked to be silent deserves to have their voices heard. When people – or countries – rally support and persevere, the world recognizes this behavior as ‘heroism.’
     To commemorate your work, and the ideals they represent, we are re-creating the Statue of Liberty in our steampunk comic book. During an intergalactic invasion, your original gift to the United States was (sadly) destroyed in our story. We choose to harm an inanimate object instead of innocent citizens.
     As French architects redesign a new statue, we’ve made some significant changes. For example, a lovely banner will adorn her with the phrase, “Tout est pardonné.” Other changes, like an infant child, show a loving and protective stance made for our most precious resource: free children with hearts filled with dreams.
     This phrase, “All is forgiven,” symbolizes the hopes of every free citizen looking to improve their lives, not just Americans or French. In this idea, we find brotherhood. We find common ground. Our civil liberties are designed to level the playing field for citizens, each having a unique contribution and voice. Freedom of Speech is among the most important rights we enjoy!
     Even if I never meet an official French Ambassador, we know we have friends in spirit in France! Our strength of support will drown out critics and detractors. Please, keep your home-fires burning brightly by the examples you set. We will all grow stronger by fighting against prejudice and misunderstanding.
We stand with you, brethren, and against hateful censorship.
With respect,
Dave Kot, Founder and Script Writer- Face Value Comics

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