Open Letter to U.S. Congress

Dear Congressmen Doyle and Smith, and Respected Members of the U.S. Congressional Autism Caucus:

I write to you as an autism self-advocate. While my local representative, Congressman Mike Doyle (Co-Chair), and I met this summer, I bring new concerns to you all.

Recently, price spikes of certain prescription medicines caused alarm from the economic and health care sectors. Now, without prediction, some health care providers must cut generic medication from their formularies because of inflated cost. Some doctors prescribe medications to treat acute symptoms or other diagnoses for people with autism. I would like to know how the Affordable Care Act is insulated against future cost cuts of very commonly prescribed medications.

Congressmen Doyle, I’d like to revisit your invitation to meet and address more of your colleagues. Since we last met, I’m happy to share how my research into facial feature recognition for persons with autism has been vetted in a scientific medical journal! With so many budget decisions before our legislature, perhaps now might be a time for me to discuss the (special) education cost savings/surplus model with you; it’s the same model that received unanimous votes from our local school district this year.

Finally, I ask for an opportunity to grow beyond my comfort level. I am just a man. Nobody expected how a comic book would thrust me into international spotlight for autism awareness and acceptance. I’ve a social responsibility to use my fame and (self) advocacy mission for good use. For example, I’ll share this letter through all of our social media outlets, as an example of how to address civil leadership. If/when I meet with you, may I bring some friends who would quell my anxiety and lend their voice to mine if I tire? (After this letter hits Facebook,) May I bring one-thousand like-minded friends discuss the future of autism advocacy? I encourage everyone reading this letter to seek healthy relationships between civil leadership and autism advocates at any level.

Be well,

Dave Kot

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