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TESS undergoes construction, just like our website!
TESS undergoes construction, just like our website!

Welcome to our on-line store. Here, fans and visitors can purchase Face Value Comics #1, and other ancillary merchandise. We have many exciting plans for the future and want you to be a part of them. Post a comment on any of our pages, like and friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Google +. We want you to be very aware of all that we do so you can help us spread our message (and get the updates you need, too!)

Click here to purchase issue #1, #2 and #3!

Please be patient as we develop our website. 


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13 thoughts on “Order Face Value Comics”

  1. For 5 mos I’ve been trying to order the 1st thru 3rd editions of FaceValue comic with the autistic hero from a comic book store in Denver. They tell me each month it will be available and back orders should be coming but still have not been able to obtain. How/where can I get these? Can I order an annual subscription or what?? I need answers. Please help.

  2. hi i live in western Australia our son has autism and we would love to order ur comics as he loves comics and even more now we have seen urs how do I order from you please

  3. I’ve Bought both #1 & #2 I love them both. I have a nephew with autism who shares Michael’s name. We have read both comics twice and can’t wait for the next one. They have helped me to understand him more. I work for our local Autism centre in my city of Fredericton New Brunswick Canada and I have let some of our members read them as well. They loved them vey well done.
    Thank you

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