Steampunk Fiction

face-value-cast.jpgA comic with an autistic hero sounds like a good idea, right? But why on earth would it make sense to put him in a steampunk fiction universe? And what is steampunk fiction anyway? To start with the last question, steampunk fiction is a hybrid genre of literature, and its own subculture, that re-imagines the future as would someone from the 19th century who was accustomed to steam power. The genre takes inspiration from such authors as Jules Vern and H.G. Wells.

As for why it makes sense to put our autistic hero in a steampunk universe, well, actually it makes a lot of sense. One of the defining features of steampunk literature and aesthetic is precise attention to detail. This is a skill that is well-developed in many people diagnosed with ASD. In fact, the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, recently held an art therapy session for young adults with ASD entitled “Steampunkinetics.” Many of the participants were reported to find that the project helped them to overcome self-consciousness and social anxiety and get better at compromise and working with others. Additionally, the eccentricity of steampunk fiction and aesthetics involved can often appeal to people with ASD, who feel themselves to be outside the mainstream.

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