Real Teen Superpowers

Creating Real Teen SuperpowersBeing a teenager is hard, even without being diagnosed as having ASD. One thing we hope to do with Face Value Comics is to create comics that show real teen superpowers. Teenagers are going through one of the most important and formative periods of their lives. Their bodies and minds are changing and maturing. They are learning to manage powerful emotions. Anyone who is going through such massive changes deserves to hear about real teen superpowers! Teenagers need to empower themselves to grow up and take on the emotional responsibilities of an adult. While this is difficult for anyone, it’s especially difficult for teens with ASD.

The idea behind having an autistic hero for our comics was to give teens a role model who would feel close to them. Michael goes through all the normal anxieties that teens feel -fears about tests, school success, friends, bullies, and depression, to name a few. By showing Michael and his friends tackling these issues and finding solutions, we hope to give real-life teens an understanding of their own real teen superpowers. We hope to show them that they are capable of understanding and managing their powerful emotions, as well as coping with challenging issues with other people.

© Face Value Comics 2013

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