Peer Acceptance

Peer pressure and ASDThe need for peer acceptance appears first in very young children and stays with us through adulthood. One of the times we feel the need for peer acceptance most strongly is in the teen years. In part this is because of the natural separation and individuation that is happening between teens and their parents. The transition from child to adult can be confusing and having good friends and a generally positive social life can help ease the difficulties of the teen years. Teens with ASD feel the need for peer acceptance just as much as neurotypical teens. Because of the challenges they face in social situations, many teens with ASD can feel isolated, depressed, or anxious.

All Teens Need Peer Acceptance

One of the ways that teens with ASD can achieve peer acceptance is if their peers understand the unique challenges facing those with ASD. At Face Value Comics, we’re hoping that our autistic hero Michael and his friends can help neurotypical teens see teens with ASD as people who have the same needs for acceptance and friendship as everyone else. It’s just that teens with ASD can have a hard time expressing their needs or understanding how others express their needs. Often a story will get the point across much better than a lecture.

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