Teen Anxiety

Claudia and teen anxietyAnxiety is a common feeling for all people, but especially for teens. Teen anxiety may come about when facing new situations in school and with friends and peers. Because they are going through so many physical changes, teens may have a hard time knowing how to be comfortable in their own skins. This can cause anxiety if teens feel they will be judged as awkward by their peers.

Some anxiety is normal and even useful, but there are times when teen anxiety goes beyond reasonable levels and becomes debilitating. Teens with ASD are especially likely to suffer from social anxiety, caused by fear of judgement by their peers in social situations, as well as difficulty with reading the social cues other people take for granted.

Help with Overcoming Teen Anxiety

At Face Value Comics, we hope to bring awareness and compassion to the issue of teen anxiety. We also hope to give teens, both neurotypical and those with ASD, tools to deal with anxiety. One of the ways we hope to do this is through our storylines. Our hero Michael and his friends have to face situations that make them feel anxious. We hope that by giving teens the vocabulary to talk about anxiety, as well as reading about teens who cope with anxiety successfully we can help lessen the burden of teen anxiety.

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