Teen Bullying

Ending Teen Bullying Through LearningIt’s a sad fact that teen bullying is part of many kids’ middle school experience. Kids can be bullied for all sorts of reasons – they are new and don’t have many friends, they’re perceived as too smart or not smart enough or they look different somehow. Teen bullying especially affects kids with special needs or disabilities. It affects youth and teens  who have been given an ASD diagnosis.

It is critically important for teachers and parents to know the signs of teen bullying. Signs may include unexplained injuries or loss of possessions, disturbed sleep, suddenly suffering with frequent headaches or stomachaches, a child’s unexplained refusal to go to school or a loss of interest in school.

While some kids feel comfortable talking to a teacher or parent about teen bullying, others do not. Sometimes they are fearful of retaliation. Sometimes they just don’t have the language to describe what happened to them. Sometimes they’re too ashamed. By talking openly about what bullying is, why it’s unacceptable, and being a steady and trustworthy presence, adults can go a long way toward helping resolve with teen bullying.

Using Comics to Combat Teen Bullying

At Face Value Comics, we’re committed to taking a strong stand against teen bullying. It’s an issue we tackle head-on in our story lines. We want to empower teens to stand up to bullies, whether they’re being bullied themselves or they see another kid being bullied. We also hope to give kids with ASD language to describe what happened to them, should they get bullied. Above all, we hope that by presenting an engaging hero with autism, as well as other characters who deal with different disabilities, we can help our readers accept and embrace others who are different and reduce the occurrence of teen bullying.

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